Are you considering being an off-market seller? In this stressful, crazy market the most difficult part of selling is the pressure to find a new home in 30 to 45 day.... It's almost impossible!  We can take that pressure away, we have buyers willing to WAIT for you to find a home, either with a rent-back situation or a delayed closing.  Let's talk about this can benefit you and relieve your stress!  Below is a list of current buyers (note this changes daily, so if you do not see a buyer on this list that meets what your home offers, we may have that buyer now! So let's chat! Call Karin @ 603-860-9464!

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  • You can close on your home & remain in the home for several months
  • Have buying power for your next home without a home sale contingency or the stress of needing to sell your current home
  • No staging, prepping for sale or worrying about showings